Tree Stump Removal in Providence Protects Your Property

Fast Tree Stump Removal for Providence Rhode Island

Protect your property with expert tree stump removal in Providence, Rhode Island. Getting rid of tree stumps ensures a safe, attractive commercial or residential property. Additionally, stump and tree trunk removal services keep unwanted trees from growing back! The crew at ED Professional Tree Service can explain your options for removal in more detail.

Never assume that you should just overlook tree stumps on your property. Over time, roots might surface, creating a tripping hazard and getting in the way of lawn care. Also, consider that stumps often make a property look rundown and neglected. They can also become hosts to unwanted pests that then make their way to nearby structures.

For all these reasons and more, call our team today for your stump removal price estimate. We’ll inspect that stump or trunk and explain your best options for easy removal. We’re also happy to answer your questions about needed tree services. To get your property started on expert care, contact us right now!

A property needing tree stump removal Providence Rhode Island.
Equipment used for tree stump removal.

Everything You’ve Ever Wondered About Removing Tree Stumps

Are you curious about how we perform tree stump removal on Rhode Island properties? Grinding, as the name implies, grinds the stump into woodchips. Digging up stumps allows for precise removal in small spaces. Our team can also cut and remove roots, to protect nearby structures from damage.

Some property owners also wonder if trees might grow back if you don’t remove stumps. The quick answer is yes, it’s possible for that stump to start showing sprouts. Over time, the tree might return and eventually grow back to its full size. Stumps can also pull moisture out of the soil as the tree returns.

You might also wonder if you can just dig up a stump yourself. DIY stump and root removal is never recommended! Digging up stumps is often more difficult than property owners realize. You can also pull up buried cables and plumbing pipes along the way. It’s always good to rely on the professionals for stump digging or grinding.

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Tree Stump Removal - Don’t Put Off This Vital Service!

Never put off needed Providence tree stump removal for your property. Stumps often attract rodents and insects including termites and carpenter ants. These can then make their way to a nearby structure, risking expensive damage. Stumps might also encourage fungi growth, which can spread to your lawn and landscaping.

Additionally, stumps are unsightly, present tripping hazards, and get in the way of lawnmowers. On the other hand, our easy stump removal process ensures a safe, welcoming property. Cutting away roots also prevents them from wrapping around pipes and foundation concrete. This reduces the risk of costly property damage.

Moreover, note that removing a stump allows you to plant a new tree or landscaping, or fresh sod. In turn, every inch of your property will look stunning and manicured after stump removal. To find out more about tree services benefits, check out our blog.

Before tree stump removal Providence.
Smaller equipment for tree stump removal.

What Makes ED Professional the One for the Job

Don’t leave your needed tree stump removal services to an amateur. Poor-quality stump and tree trunk removal can damage lawns and leave behind unsightly excavations. An untrained technician might also leave some of that stump behind! Also, inexperienced landscapers can easily damage buried pipes, wires, cables, and roots to nearby landscaping features.

For expert, reliable stump removal, call the experienced and trained crew here at ED Professional Tree Service. We’ll provide a full written price quote before work begins. Additionally, we’ll explain your options and note which is best for your property. We also endeavor to keep mess and disruption to your family or business to a minimum.

With this in mind, why not contact us for your stump grinding and removal price quote today? We’re happy to schedule a convenient appointment that works around you. We can also answer your questions about stump removal as well needed tree trimming and other services. 



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ED Professional Tree Service provides a wide range of tree services in Providence county and surrounding cities. Call us for expert, reliable tree trimming and pruning and full removal. Additionally, we provide cabling for leaning trees as well as disease treatment.

Our crew is also the team to trust for tree removal, shrub removal, and land clearing. We start every project with a full inspection, ensuring expert care. You can then rest assured that we’ll provide safe removal services for all the trees on your property!

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